Our Programs

Our program offerings are designed to enrich and stimulate community stability.




The CTS Generation One Re-entry Program has provided Re-entry services to over 1,200 non-violent offenders returning to Philadelphia from incarceration in federal, state and county prisons. Includes vocational training in the following areas: construction trades, demolition, stucco and computer applications. Featured courses in job preparation, life skills and GED preparation. Other services include: mentoring, job placement and retention. Generation One has placed over 800 ex-offenders in jobs paying up to $25/hr. since 2006. This effort has reduced the participant’s recidivism rate from 42% to 9%.

IMG_0015CTS is the only organization in the United States that has received three U.S. Department of Labor Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative Grants and one US DOJ Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative Grant. It is only one of 23 such organizations nationwide. It consistently ranks in the top 10 in U.S. DOL PRI evaluations in services, placements, retention, recidivism reduction and mentoring services. These programs function as a training and placement agency for those released within the past six months.


In partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, CTS has delivered Re-entry services to nearly 200 violent offenders returning to Philadelphia annually from incarceration in federal, state and county prisons, and currently housed in Community Corrections Centers. Featured courses include job preparation, life skills and GED preparation. Other services include: mentoring, job placement and retention. Placed over 160 ex-offenders in jobs. For many this is their first job.


Since 2009, CTS RExO Generation Three has served over 250 non-violent and violent ex-offenders returning from state and county prisons to Philadelphia. The program provides pre-release assessment of needs, job preparation, case management and referral to supportive services for all programs. Placement has been over 70% enrollment. Results: reduction from 42% to 5% recidivism rate after one year.


In June 2011, CTS was awarded a 2-year PRI RExO Generation 4 grant for the re-entry of ex-offenders by the U.S. Department of Labor. CTSis offering the same services under this grant. CTS was one of only 10 agencies nationwide to receive this grant. Call CTS at 215-430-0381 ext. 0 to enroll.


Enrollments accepted only by referral from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and/or the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. In June 2013, CTS was awarded a 39-month grant for the diversion of youth offenders facing adjudication for delinquency and expungment services for those 16 to 24 years of age. CTS will offer school completion, GED preparation, job preparation, certified training in the same fields as Training To Work plus PA Act 235 certification for security officers, job placement and retention, life skills, youth leadership and mentoring services under this grant. These services will be provided to 75 students each year.


Training to Work for Adult non-violent and violent ex-offenders returning from state and county prisons to Philadelphia. The program provides pre-release assessment of needs, jobs preparation, case management and referral to CTS post-release services division for job placement, mentoring and job retention services in partnership with over 200 participating employers. A new feature is long-term certified training programs in fiber optics and telecommunications installation, culinary arts, EPA lead paint removal, plumbing, insulation, and whole house air leaking analysis.


Launched in 2009, CTS Project YES (Youth Empowered for Success) is a YouthBuild Program funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. Its mission is to equip, empower, and educate low income young adults, ages 16 to 24, for a life beyond their current economic and social surroundings. CTS accomplishes this by providing a safe, secure, and supportive environment while promoting community involvement, leadership training, personal and professional development. CTS Project YES is a full-time program that helps students earn their GED and provides hands-on training to start a career in the construction trades or to attend colleges, universities, apprenticeship programs or trade schools. The students participate in rigorous employment training, leadership development, financial education and post-secondary education planning. Students earn weekly stipend checks.

Through CTS Project YES, students learn green-building techniques while constructing low income housing to serve their community. Students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, build lasting friendships, access career counseling and job or apprenticeship placement, and earn a construction certificate and/or certification in other career fields that will make them highly employable. Call 215-430-0381 ext. 5557 for information.

Programs Include:

Automobile Technology

Career Development


Culinary Arts

Data Communications Installation

Fiber Optic Installations

Financial Education

Forklift Operations with Warehouse Tech

GED Preparation and Testing

Leadership Training

Life Skills Education

MicroSoft Office Specialist

Post Secondary Education Planning

Security Guard

Substance Abuse Prevention Classes

Violence Prevention Initiative


Since 1994, Connection Training Services has offered Introduction to Law Enforcement and Security Officer Training with PA Act 235 Armed & Unarmed Certification to hundreds, including welfare recipients, dislocated, unemployed, and underemployed workers through the generous support of the Philadelphia Works. Graduates have advanced to careers in security, security supervision and management, law enforcement, correctional officers, security training and related fields.


Also, CTS and it’s partners offers vocational training and certification in high-demand fields such as fiber optic and data communications installation, culinary arts, MS Office Specialist, forklift operation, scaffold erection, NCCER construction and green construction, Gastite flexible pipe installation, PennDOT Flagger, Lead paint abatement, computer applications/customer service, and others.


The CTS Mentoring Program approach is to provide adults re-entering the community with one-on-one role models who will listen, inspire, guide, and support them as they learn how to and prepare to make meaningful contributions to our community, thereby catapulting them into a bright future.

In Partnership with Scotlandyard Security, CTS recruits children for mentoring that come to its site for the Scotlandyard Virtual Visitation Program under agreement with the PA Department of Corrections.

The overall vision of Connection Training Services Mentoring Program is to ensure that every youth that has a mentor will establish goals that will inspire change in his or her life, home and community.


This program is open to those who are in recovery, re-entering offenders, veterans, parenting, and the homeless. Those in recovery include anyone with a history of substance use, abuse or alcoholism. Call 215-430-0381 ext. 5529 for information.


CTS is a Certified Pearson GED program that maintains classes that are small and personal. We take a group approach as well as one-on-one tutoring. Students have the opportunity to work together in small groups throughout the instruction to learn from one another and to get them accustomed to group activities. The environment is comfortable, caring and nurturing. We encourage students to be their best.


In order to help our youth succeed, the Life Skills program offers valuable, interactive seminars in the areas of health and wellness; anger, time, and money management; and practical social skills.

Our youth are facing challenges that today’s adults have never imagined. Rapid technology changes create new employment opportunities, but also result in fewer positions for those without the right education and skills. CTS can help students become better prepared to navigate the society in which they live.


Usually anger is a secondary response to a deeper underlying issue. Our anger management classes can help students understand the source of the problem that triggers the feelings of anger. CTS also instructs participants on how to reduce stress in your daily lives and improve their basic communication and people skills.