Adult Re-Entry Initiatives

Our re-entry program has served over 3,000 participants who want a chance at a better life, and are working to overcome their past mistakes.

We have successfully placed over 2,100 participants in jobs.


The CTS Generation One through Six Adult Re-Entry Programs have provided re-entry services to over 2,700 non-violent (and some violent) offenders returning to Philadelphia from incarceration in federal, state and county prisons. CTS provides vocational training in forklift operations, scaffold erection, PENN DOT highway flagger, and OSHA construction safety. Referrals are available to partnering vocational trade schools offering state-licensed training in the following career fields with possible tuition vouchers or scholarships:

Air quality management

Automotive technician

Construction trades (plumbing,carpentry, electrical, finishing)

Culinary arts


Fiber Optics anb Data Communications Insallation

Forklift Operator with Warehouse Tech

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

Lead paint abatement

MicroSoft Office Specialist

Naval welding apprenticeships

Robotic manufacturing technician

Storm water run-off management

Truck driver licensing

Urban gardening and landscaping


CTS offers courses in job preparation with job placement, life skills, computer applications and personal finance. Other services include referral to GED preparation courses and certificate and associate degree programs at the Community College of Philadelphia. Other services include: mentoring and job retention. Pay can be up to $25 per hour. 65% to 70% are placed in jobs. This effort has reduced the participant’s recidivism rate from 42% to 9%.

CTS is the only organization in the United States that has received four U.S. DOL Adult Re-Entry Initiative Grants and one US DOJ Adult Re-Entry Initiative Grant. It is only one of 23 such organizations nationwide. It consistently ranks in the top 10 in U.S. DOL PRI evaluations in services, placements, retention, recidivism reduction and mentoring services. Call 215-430-0381 ext. 0 for information.