Adult Mentoring Program

Youth deserve the benefit of a positive,caring adult in thier lives. These adults can help guide youth along their path to adulthood.

We want to make sure our youth are not forgotten, or left behind.



Mentoring can provide a caring adult presence that benefits youth and adults re-entering the community by helping them to develop a positive attitude toward the future, a better sense of well being, a greater sense of self control, positive attitudes about school, and better relationships with peers and parents.



The goal has been to establish lasting, one-on-one relationships between the youth and a caring adult mentor for a year that will bring about positive changes in the life of the child and prevent the child from becoming involved in the juvenile justice system as perpetrator or victim.

Our offices are located in the heart of a community that has benefited greatly from the introduction of Mentors to at-risk youth. The demographic location of the target population of mentees has been North Philadelphia which is the focus of this project since it has the most crime and poverty in Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania, with a poverty rate in excess of 28% in 2009. Additionally, the CTS Mentoring Program has accepted youth from throughout the entire city for this program.