Access To Recovery

Key to success for those working to overcome challenges they face is a robust and innovative approach to education linked with solid support.

Our Access To Recovery Program delivers.



The CTS Access to Recovery Program is open to low-income individuals who are uninsured or underinsured, and are in recovery, a re-entering offender, parenting or homeless. Those in recovery include anyone with a past substance abuse or alcohol problem.

Programs include an Anger Management Course, a Job Preparation Course, Certified Vocational Training in Forklift Operation, PennDOT Highway Flagger and Scaffold Erection.


In the Anger Management Course, participants learn how to:

Understand the nature of anger and recognize anger

Manage and control anger

Stop violence or the threat of violence

Develop self-control over thoughts and actions

Receive support and feedback from others

Understand the consequences of anger on relationships, employment and health

Replace irrational thoughts with rational ones

Practice assertiveness to express healthy anger

The Job Preparation Course prepares candidates for employment. Job developers work with candidates to help them secure and keep job positions.

Participants learn how to:

Assess their skills, talents and work aptitudes, and prepare an action plan

Explore careers – learn about career requirements and duties, income levels, employment openings and job demand projections

Meet employer expectations, obtain good performance reviews and win promotions and pay increases

Use computers to prepare quality resumes, cover letters and references

Properly complete employment applications

Search for employment using online, media, job fairs and networks

Prepare for job interviews by using the questions and answers that win jobs

Learn about proper grooming for interviews

Develop effective work habits and the right attitude to keep a job