The CTS Mission is to provide for economic, housing and social needs of the disadvantaged populations of Philadelphia to enable participants to begin the path to self-sufficiency and a better quality of life.

We provide training and services to participants from five counties:








The CTS Vision is to set the standard for community service providers in all areas where we serve the community.


At CTS we pride ourselves on our diverse staff of dedicated professionals, each bringing years of committed service to the community. Our philosophy differs from other organizations in that we understand we are offering more than an opportunity to build the individual and community up — we offer the opportunity to develop lasting relationships and memorable events that help the people we serve to know they are not alone.

When taken as a whole, it’s easy to see how our diverse set of programs and service offerings all help to build a stable, better connected community, and introduce greater vitality into the community. We provide a wide array of services and much needed support.

CTS welcomes additional opportunities to serve the community and invites you to partner with us, as well as refer those in need of service.